Opening times Lunch from 12:00 am to 2:30 pm Dinner from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Closed on Wednesdays


Opening times Lunch from 12:00 am to 2:30 pm Dinner from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Closed on Wednesdays

The “Mugolone” Restaurant is a historical restaurant in Siena whose management marked the life of a family that lovingly dedicated itself to the culinary art for almost 70 years.

It has been a special place since 1950, where ancient flavors and unmistakable aromas of recipes prepared with care and feelings have blended with feature, temper and passion of the “homemade” cooking.Entire generations have had holidays dinners and suppers with friends at Mugolone, marking the passage of time.

For the Sienese it was a source of pride, a boast, almost a privilege, to say that here they’d tasted the delights of the true Tuscan cuisine.

The long history of the Mariotti family had over time created a series of key figures in the activity, above all the Sor Guido known as Mugolone, the owner, so nicknamed for his particular way of speaking abrupt, whispering… mugolante, in Italian.

With his slow pace and curved back, he was constantly in movement around the room, always with something in his hand: a straw-wrapped flask, a casserole. Abrupt in his ways and expressions, but a hard worker with great heart, all Siena knew and respected him.

Then there was Sora Emma, the undisputed Chef of the kitchen, a true leader of home cooking made it available for the restaurant. Marina and Marisa her daughters, inseparable workmates, always in the dual role, more mother the first, more cook the second.

In fact, Lorenzo grew up there, between a baked pasta and books to study, while Carlo, who deserved to be a footballer but hadn’t come to terms with his knees, was preparing to collect the moral legacy and local material with Marisa, then ferried with the same style for 32 years.

And then we had Gastone, grand conductor of table service, historic waiters such as Adamo and Paolino. We could tell of many other stories of main players and “character actors”, almost as if we had been in a merchant at a living fair.

Whoever entered, Sienese or newcomer, was always welcomed as a family member or as a close relative. Tastes, smells, kindness and quality: this has always been Mugolone, a true emblem of Siena and being Sienese.

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Here starts again the new management of Mugolone, full of enthusiasm, passion and professionalism of a group of friends who one day said to themselves: “Too sad to see it closed, let’s do it again!”.

In a completely renovated kitchen and in a totally restructured environment, the Mugolone Restaurant is therefore reintroduced to the Sienese and to the visitors of our unique city, with a completely new look but respectful of the rigor of tradition transmitted from the past.

Therefore, Mugolone brings on the table the true Sienese tradition, revised and renewed in a contemporary key. From those raw materials that since Sor Guido were an icon and not to be missed – liver, brain, pigeon, rabbit – the rediscovery of the typical genuine and truthful cuisine begins, far from the flattened and standardized stereotype that today too often is confused with the idea of home.

This tradition is renewed as seasons change through the proposed ingredients – mushrooms, truffles, game and all the flavors of the vegetable garden – are expertly blended to delight the palate. Homemade bread and pasta are real symbols of the return to the restaurant’s origins, while the finest Italian wines, especially the great Tuscan excellence, join the culinary art, recreating the charm of the past.

The Mugolone Restaurant is located in Via dei Pellegrini, a central, obligatory passage between Piazza del Campo and Piazza del Duomo. The recent renovation has made the rooms more welcoming and up with the times ensuring that Mugolone returns to be the city’s food excellence.

Works by contemporary artists of great interest decorate the walls of the three rooms.

Not only the sense of smell and taste will be delighted, but also the view will be able to appreciate the memories left by important Masters of Art who wanted to reward shared values such as family unity and love for tradition, easily recognizable even today in the dishes proposed by the Mugolone restaurant.


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